Everything about my vision for Mill Finish has been shaped by my past experiences, from the way I design, to the products sold and the way I choose to market them.

I originally built furniture for myself because I couldn’t justifying spending any more money on something I knew wouldn’t work well or last very long. Once I had my first taste of a solid table I could never go back. I built my own bed, plant stands, night stands, etc.

This is somewhat of a common story for a wood worker. However, most of my experience has been with metal and that has made my designs more unique: steel frames and wood surfaces combine the strength and durability of metal with the look and feel of wood.

I am also an outspoken proponent of reducing waste and the heavy use of plastic(s) in short-lived products. Mill Finish has provided a way for me to infuse and influence the market with products that correct our nose-down trajectory by using carefully selected materials and designing with the full intent that each product will last many decades and save hundreds of pounds of landfill waste over its lifetime.

My design aesthetic is refined and my standards are high, but my heart is set on selling to the common person. Quality should not be a luxury for the rich, but a necessity accessible to everyone. To that end I have strived as as much as possible to engineer designs which are optimized for manufacturability, maximizing material usage and minimizing costs without compromising durability or reliability.

Perhaps even as polluting as plastic in oceans and landfills have been, modern marketing seems to have infiltrated every corner of our lives with tens of thousands of brands issuing enormous psychological pressures to consume, constantly. Everybody knows it is unhealthy, but few businesses are willing to abstain from participating in it, mostly because it is difficult to compete otherwise. Nevertheless, Mill Finish will always abide by Golden Rule marketing principals, minimizing the use of many common and unethical marketing methods and keeping the customer as the top priority. 


Alex Theodore